Hyperon Chain
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Validator - Requirements

Block validators in D-QBFT refer to full nodes who verify that blocks created by witnesses follow the consensus rules. Any user is able to run a block validator and verify the network.
To setup block validators users need machine with below configuration which may varies as blockchain grow:
CPU: Intel i3/AMD Ryzen 5 or above
RAM: 4 GB DDR5 or above (Recommended)
Disk Space: 100 GB NVME (Starting which increases as per blockchain grow)
Operating System: Ubuntu 20.04 and above
Network Speed: 1GBPS+ Recommended with Static IP
Staking Requirments: 500000 HyperonChain (HPN) coins
Staking Rewards: 15 HPN Per Validated Block(From 2000000 Blocks) & 10% Deduction Every 3 Months