Hyperon Chain

RPC Node Setup - Non Validator

This steps help to setup RPC node to exchange which is not participate in active validation process.

Hardware/Software Requirements:

CPU: Intel i3/AMD Ryzen 5 and above
Disk Space: 20 GB(For starting which will grow with blockchain)
Operating System: Ubuntu 20.04 Server Edition and above
Network Speed: 1MBPS+ Recommended with Static IP Address

Migrate Coins

Follow this steps only if HyperonChain V1 is listed on your exchange and now migrating to HyperonChain V2
  1. 2.
    Connect with MetaMask to Bridge
  2. 3.
    Select HyperonChain-Old in from blockchain and HyperonChain in coin name
  3. 4.
    Enter amount of coins exchange hold
  4. 5.
    Select HyperonChain-New in to blockchain and HyperonChain in coin name
  5. 6.
    Submit to perform bridge to move coins on new blockchain

Configuration Steps:

Follow below steps to configure HyperonChain validator
Execute below command lines in Terminal as root access.
1. Update Operating System
sudo apt update
2. Install JDK
sudo apt install default-jdk
3. Install JRE
sudo apt install default-jre
4. Install OpenJDK
sudo apt install openjdk-17-jre-headless
5. Install Curl
sudo apt install curl
6. Open 8545, 8546, 8547 and 30303 port from terminal using below command
sudo ufw allow 8545
sudo ufw allow 8546
sudo ufw allow 8547
sudo ufw allow 30303
7. Download latest besu-version.zip release of besu from below URL
cd /
sudo wget "https://hyperledger.jfrog.io/artifactory/besu-binaries/besu/23.4.4/besu-23.4.4.zip"
8. Extract content of zip to /HyperonChain directory
sudo unzip besu-23.4.4.zip
9. Rename directory from besu-23.4.4 to /HyperonChain
sudo mv /besu-23.4.4 /HyperonChain
10. Apply Full Permission on /HyperonChain directory to all users
cd /
sudo chmod 777 /HyperonChain
11. Create /HyperonChain/QBFT-Network/data directory
cd /HyperonChain
sudo mkdir QBFT-Network
cd QBFT-Network
sudo mkdir data
12. Download genesis.json from https://github.com/HyperonChainOfficial/HyperonChain-Blockchain/blob/main/genesis.json in /HyperonChain directory
cd /HyperonChain
sudo wget "https://raw.githubusercontent.com/HyperonChainOfficial/HyperonChain-Blockchain/main/genesis.json"
13. Change Working Directory of terminal
cd /HyperonChain/
14. Execute below command to start RPC Server
cd /HyperonChain
sudo ./bin/besu --data-path=/HyperonChain/QBFT-Network/data --genesis-file=genesis.json --graphql-http-cors-origins=* --graphql-http-enabled=true --graphql-http-host= --graphql-http-port=8547 --host-allowlist=* --rpc-tx-feecap=1000000000000000 --rpc-http-api=ETH,NET,WEB3,QBFT,TRACE,TXPOOL,ADMIN --rpc-http-cors-origins=* --rpc-http-enabled=true --rpc-http-host= --rpc-http-max-active-connections=10000 --rpc-http-max-batch-size=-1 --rpc-http-port=8545 --rpc-ws-api=ETH,NET,WEB3,QBFT,TRACE,TXPOOL,ADMIN --rpc-ws-enabled=true --rpc-ws-host= --rpc-ws-max-active-connections=10000 --rpc-ws-port=8546 --tx-pool-retention-hours=1 --tx-pool-limit-by-account-percentage=0.001 --sync-mode=FULL --bootnodes="enode://1cc4ed7fa6f3c9ef165405017014527509096e587961f4c4a5f4df2edc50d8f58cf61ceac0017bab3660c900ed[email protected]:30303"
Wait for node to completely sych with other node. Its take 4-5 hours sometime depending on network speed.
  1. 1.
    This server will not participate in validator process. It will only sync data with boot nodes.
  2. 2.
    To shutdown node enter "Ctrl + C" keyboard button
  3. 3.
    Alternative enode enode://1cc4ed7fa6f3c9ef165405017014527509096e587961f4c4a5f4df2edc50d8f58cf61ceac0017bab3660[email protected]:30303