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HyperonChain Bridge (Mainnet Old)

Author: HyperonChain Published: Nov 25, 2022 Updated: Dec 09, 2022
HyperonChain Multi-Chain Bridge serves as the ideal solution for interoperability between different types of blockchain networks. It opens up the scope for applications based on one blockchain network to use the resources of another blockchain network. The maturity and evolution of blockchain technology have led to the demand for blockchain bridge projects to improve interoperability among different blockchain networks. HyperonChain Bridge is an interface to migrate the HPN tokens from BSC chain to HPN coin on HyperonChain Mainnet. However, as HyperonChain bridge is also multi-chain supported bridge, users can now not only swap HPN tokens from BSC chain to HPN coin, but also swap reputed crypto assets like BNB, ETH against HyperonChain Coin (HPN). This way HyperonChain Bridge plays the role of a crypto exchange as well, providing crypto enthusiast a more decentralized cross-chain solution.
The realization method is to lock a certain number of tokens on the chain and release the corresponding number of HPN coins on HyperonChain Mainnet.

How to use HyperonChain Bridge

  1. 1.
    Launch Bridge using URL : https://bridge.hyperonchain.com/ and connect your MetaMask wallet
Connecting MetaMask wallet
2. Select HPN (Binance Network) in Assets From dropdown list.
Select Coin/Token to be swapped
3. Select HPN (HyperonChain Network) in Assets To dropdown list. Then enter the amount of HPN Tokens you want to migrate to HPN coins( in above example 100) and click on Next button.
Select required coin/token to be received
4. Check and click OK on Confirmation message when prompted.
5. Confirm the transaction on MetaMask
6. Transaction will be initiated and confirmation message will be prompted. Click OK on the same.
Final confirmation
7. Your exchange operation will be completed and you will receive HPN coins in same wallet on HyperonChain Mainnet
HPN Coin Balance check on HyperonChain Mainnet
Note : Please make sure you have selected HyperonChain Mainnet as highlighted in the above image to view your HPN coin balance in MetaMask.


  • HyperonChain Bridge ( HyperonChain Bridge ) is useful not only to swap from HPN Tokens to HPN coin on mainnet but also to buy HPN Coins using well known crypto assets like BNB, ETH. So buyers do not have to buy HPN Token first and migrate to HPN coin but they can directly buy HPN Coins using Bridge.
  • No taxes/fees are levied for bridge transaction by HyperonChain Blockchain. Only gas fees of other blockchain will be involved if user is swapping HPN tokens / other crypto assets with HPN Coins
  • User can also see a history of all the transactions they have made till date on the HyperonChain bridge using the link below: HyperonChain Bridge - History