Hyperon Chain


Author: HyperonChain Published: May 29, 2022 Updated: Nov 28, 2022
HyperonChain is a scaling solution for public blockchains built in Solidity programming language. It is based on the Delegated Proof of Stack (DPoS) algorithm and is an EVM based blockchain that supports all the existing Ethereum tools. It also comes with a comprehensive free-to-use developer tool set with support for access to 21 Publicly accessible nodes.
HyperonChain supports 1,000,000 TPS with transaction confirmation time less than 1 seconds which makes its world’s fastest and stable blockchain. HyperonChain is the only blockchain which allows users to earn validation rewards without locking coins. HyperonChain staking and governance support master, staked and non-staked voting mechanism which makes it truly decentralized.

New to HyperonChain?

HyperonChain is a scaling solution for public blockchains. Hyperon Chain Delegated Proof of Stack (DPoS) supports all the existing Ethereum tools along with faster, cheaper & free transactions.

Connecting HyperonChain

Hyperon Chain hosted a lifetime free to use full nodes for developers and community.

Connecting wallet to HyperonChain

To connect with HyperonChain, add the following network settings to web3 supported wallets (e.g. MetaMask).


Network Name: HyperonChain-New
Chain ID: 500
Symbol: HPN
Explorer URL: https://hyperonscan.com

HyperonChain-Old (Will be retired in 2 months)

Network Name: HyperonChain-Old
Chain ID: 500
Symbol: HPN
Last modified 2mo ago